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IT leaders around the world have focused on the critical value of the cloud in driving digital transformation in the enterprise.
In this space, technology companies such as Oracle have been able to offer organizations everything they need to improve their competitiveness. To show the value and scope that the cloud can have in this transformation, Oracle is organizing its "Oracle Technology Summit" on March 17 in Madrid.
The event, which will have a hybrid format and can also be followed online, will show attendees how Oracle technologies can help companies optimize their business operations thanks to machine learning or Artificial Intelligence, to obtain more value of your data or to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy.
To this end, the American multinational will explain how academic institutions such as the University of Oxford, sports teams such as the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team or associations such as the English Premier League, are taking advantage of Oracle technology to obtain better results in their respective fields. In addition, throughout the event, success stories from Spanish clients will also be presented, such as the transition to the public cloud that WiZink has begun, or the application of advanced analytics technologies to health strategies by the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalunya.
In the case of Red Bull for example, the team is leveraging the machine learning and data analytics capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to optimize the way data is used throughout its business: from activities in track, to putting more information in the hands of the team's global fan base, thus becoming a data-driven team.
Along with these success stories, the «Oracle Technology Summit» will also address practical issues related to the implementation of a cloud strategy in the company: possible strategies to convert investment in technology into business value, the relationship they have data with the competitive strategy of companies or how the next generation hybrid and multi-cloud clouds are designed to run any application faster, more securely and with less investment.
All this without losing sight of the growing importance of security in the cloud structure of a company and in fact, in the session "Security as a strategy", Oracle experts will explain how the design principles that prioritize security can mitigate the risk and protect business-critical workloads and database operations, both in the cloud and on-premises, from ongoing threats. Are you going to miss it?

Practical information

What: Oracle Technology Summit Date: March 17 Hours: 9:00-15:30 Place: “Espacio Ventas” – C. de Alcalá, 182, 28028, Madrid. It is also possible to follow the session by streaming. Registration: You can register for free at this link.


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