Formula 1 2022, according to Adrian Newey: This is the Red Bull RB18, a car to make Max Verstappen a legend

The champions already have a car for Formula 1 2022. Red Bull has just presented the car with which Max Verstappen will try to revalidate his Formula 1 world champion title, a very interesting car since it comes directly from the mind of Adrian Newey , the genius of aerodynamics.
The concept of this Red Bull RB18 is interesting because in the face of a change in the technical regulations that mainly affects aerodynamics, Adrian Newey's version should always be a model to follow. Although the question remains as to whether what Red Bull has taught us, like that of Haas, is the definitive model.

The new Red Bull RB18 incorporates Oracle advertising on the pontoons

Apparently the new Red Bull is quite similar to the Formula 1 model, so it is early to draw conclusions and assume that it will be the definitive car. What is surprising is the presence of Oracle on the sidepods, displacing Red Bull's own advertising that used to appear on that part of the car.
Of course, Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss, has warned that it is costing them a lot to finalize the final details of the car. And it is that we must not forget that Red Bull was fighting for the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship until the last race, which was in mid-December. That delay in efforts can hurt them at first.
2022 is going to be a year to claim for Max Verstappen. The champion ended the hybrid era clearly the best driver on the grid, but this change in the concept of single-seaters is quite likely to change the way cars are driven. Verstappen will also have to shine there.
A priori, and without knowing the performance of the single-seaters, Verstappen should be the great favorite for the title, not only because he is the current champion but also because of the almost pristine level that his driving reached in 2021. But this is Formula 1 and its Options will largely depend on what that RB18 is capable of.
As for Sergio Pérez, he faces a year in which he is already more adapted to the team, although not to a single-seater that will be nothing like the previous one. You have to be very optimistic to think that Pérez has any chance of beating Verstappen with the same car, but his objective could be to get a sporadic victory, if the RB18 allows it.
Arriving in style for the #RB18 car launch @Max33Verstappen 🤩

— Oracle Red Bull Racing February 9, 2022

The decision that Red Bull makes for the future will depend on Pérez's performance, since Pierre Gasly continues to knock hard on the door to return, and they will also be able to evaluate the evolution of Yuki Tsunoda, the role of Alexander Albon in Williams or even, why not, how much Dennis Hauger shines in his Formula 2 debut.
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