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In a scenario of accelerated digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, the cloud has become one of the main enablers of said change. Although each organization is facing it in its own way, at a different pace and betting on different solutions —IaaS, PaaS, SaaS…—, almost all of them are migrating workloads, applications and data to the cloud.
During this financial year, companies and organizations will continue with this journey to the cloud, in which some innovation trends can already be glimpsed. According to Scaleway, one of these trends is the growth of multicloud, in order to avoid dependency on a single provider.
The company's experts point out that organizations are becoming aware of the risks involved in remaining in the hands of a single provider, as evidenced by the interruption suffered by Amazon Web Services last December, which affected companies of all the world. Thus, they indicate that the trend towards multiplicity of clouds will allow more choice, price arbitrage and risk management, both from a geopolitical and resilience point of view.
Likewise, IDC Research Spain predicts that 70% of European organizations will include multicloud as part of managed cloud services to standardize the different tools, guarantee service quality and manage changes in demand. These data come from a survey carried out by the consultant to the CEOs of large European companies.
The third trend will be the evolution towards a more modular architecture. “As technology needs develop and new applications are required, cloud architecture will need to become increasingly modular to support as-yet-unknown applications and product ecosystems to work well together,” says Scaleway.
In this way, he expects the size of the cloud microservices market to triple between 2020 and 2026. He also believes that IDC's predictions will be fulfilled. The consultation predicted in 2018 that 90% of applications would have microservices architecture in 2022.

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