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Business software programs allow you to more effectively manage the processes, documentation and daily work carried out within a business.
Management programs are a trend that is on the rise, especially as a result of the mandatory teleworking that the pandemic has brought about, so that several companies decided to hire this type of service.
The Bilky company is dedicated to the marketing of software aimed at solving document management problems between the company, advisor and employee. This company offers a unique solution, completely oriented to SaaS, which connects different users through independent portals, in order to ensure the continuous flow of documentation and business processes.
Bilky is the only national company that independently connects the advisor, company and employee portals
Bilky proclaims itself as the only company in Spain that, through SaaS software, independently connects advisors, companies and employees to carry out the different business and HR procedures.
The great advantage of this software is the independence of these three portals, since both the consultancy, the company and the worker have a single and non-transferable portal, where the owner and the person responsible for the documentation and procedures carried out is each of these entities.
In addition, this connection allows these three entities to always have their documentation available, as well as being able to continue carrying out procedures with their own portal. As a result, the employee, even if he changes company, can have all his work documentation at all times or, in the case of a company, decide to change his adviser.
The Bilky platform integrates three portals for complete management of a company's activities
A complete management of the activities carried out by a company requires an integrated system. In that sense, Bilky provides three different portals, each with specific functions, that connect to each other.
In the first place, there is the advisory portal, designed for those people dedicated to providing advice to different companies. The user connects to the company portal and this, in turn, connects to the employee portal. The functions available to advisors are those of uploading, automatically assigning and sending documents such as payslips, contracts, models or certificates.
Instead, the company portal has basic functions such as direct internal chat with the advisor or employees, which stores the conversation permanently. Likewise, the communications board works to exchange information and general news of interest.
Lastly, the employee portal stores the documents received by the worker. In addition, storage is unlimited, so there are no space restrictions. It also uses the same functions for communication activities such as internal chat with the company.
Among other things, Bilky's business software maintains the advantage of not requiring installation. Each user carries out their activities and facilitates the company's processes. On the Bilky website, interested parties can request more information about the system's features.
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