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More than 1,000 corporations migrate to the Oracle Cloud with Cloud Lift Services

More than 1,000 global organizations use Oracle Cloud Lift Services to accelerate the migration of mission-critical workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Globally, customers and partners, including Ingersoll Rand, Volvo Group, Suramericana SA, National Pharmacies, Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys and Syntax, continue to move enterprise and line-of-business applications as well as complex integrations from on-premises and other clouds to OCI. To support growing demand and help more organizations take advantage of OCI, Oracle is enhancing its service offering with new capabilities that make it easier for customers to design and migrate their data lakehouse and AI application environments to OCI. .
Launched to the public in March 2021, Oracle Cloud Lift Services provides organizations with a single point of contact for end-to-end technical execution, removes critical expertise barriers to adoption of OCI services, reduces time to results and creates opportunities to innovate faster.
As part of the offering, organizations receive expert guidance from experienced cloud engineers on planning, architecting, prototyping, and managing cloud migrations at no additional cost. As a result, customers are able to move critical workloads in weeks or even days, rather than months. In addition, Oracle works closely with customers until their workloads are in production, and offers training on best practices, so customers have the expertise to manage their environment independently or work with a vendor. of “Day 2” services.
“As a growing number of organizations look to move their most important business workloads to the cloud, they have found that they need hands-on assistance to make their migrations as fast and seamless as possible,” said Vinay Kumar, senior vice president of cloud computing. Oracle Cloud Solutions Engineering in the United States. “With Oracle Cloud Lift Services, customers can leverage Oracle experts to guide their migrations and get their critical workloads running successfully on OCI. This is the same technical team that has helped many of the world’s largest organizations manage some of the most complex migrations.”
“When it comes to cloud migration, not all migrations are created equal, and cloud providers must offer flexible services that fit customer needs,” said Dave McCarthy, researcher at IDC. “For best results, this is more than just a ‘lift and shift.’ Cloud providers must be willing to help with everything from planning to go-live to ensure their customers can migrate smoothly.” timely, complete and guaranteeing continuous service time”.
The latest additions to Oracle Cloud Lift Services include capabilities to help customers architect and migrate AI-enabled data lakehouse and application environments. To accelerate big data migrations, a new collaboration with distributed computing specialist WANdisco will enable organizations with large production data sets to access WANdisco LiveData Migrator. WANdisco LiveData Migrator is a fully automated cloud migration solution that moves HDFS data and Hive metadata to the cloud without taking data offline. LiveData Migrator can deliver large data sets to the cloud 38 times faster than manual migration methods, saving customers time, money and resources.
“Around the world, organizations are trying to figure out how to enable their large-scale on-premises data lakes in cloud environments with AI to accelerate business insights and improve operational efficiencies,” said David Richards, CEO and founder of WANdisk. “By pairing with the Oracle Cloud Lift Services offering, customers now have access to our LiveData Migrator, which enables them to uniquely automate the full and ongoing migration of their large, business-critical data lakes to OCI in record time, without any risk of business interruption or downtime.”

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