Zeewolde in the race for new defense complex after Facebook debacle

By Mike Muller and Peter Winterman

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Exterior of the marine barracks in Doorn, by way of illustration.


The Hague – Zeewolde may have a large national defense complex in which the supporting units of the armed forces will be housed. The municipality is in discussion with the Ministry of Defense about this, a defense spokesperson reported to De Telegraaf. Facebook's parent company previously wanted to build Europe's largest data center in Zeewolde.
Exterior of the marine barracks in Doorn, by way of illustration.


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, decided last month to cancel the construction of the mega data center in Zeewolde. Shortly before that, the cabinet turned against the local plans, after the new city council of Zeewolde no longer saw the data center. Criticism of the arrival of the energy-guzzling complex has been increasing for some time.

To move house

Last May, State Secretary Christophe van der Maat (Defence) unveiled the plan to build a large barracks for support units of the army at a 'central location in the Netherlands'. A large number of smaller barracks elsewhere in the country are closing their doors as a result. “This means our people don't have to move as often,” he said at the time.
It now looks as if many defense employees will be able to work in Zeewolde in a few years' time. Although nothing is certain yet: "Zeewolde is one of the parties we are talking to," says a defense spokesperson. “The choice has yet to be made.”

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