WhatsApp will stop working on these iPhones very soon

If you have an old iPhone and use WhatsApp to talk to friends or family, it is likely that you will need to change your mobile soon. The messaging app owned by Facebook will stop working on devices with iOS 10 and iOS 11 starting next October, according to Wabetainfo. The end of support mainly affects two iPhone models that cannot be updated beyond the version that Apple released in 2017.
The aforementioned portal ensures that users with an iPhone with iOS 10 or iOS 11 are beginning to receive a notice on WhatsApp that highlights the end of support as of October 24. The alert also details that in order to continue using the messaging app normally, it is necessary to update to the most recent version of iOS. The WhatsApp support website, however, mentions that the app works on iOS 12 and later versions, so those users with an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s that still have iOS 10 or iOS 11 can update to iOS 12 to continue having WhatsApp.
Now, on which phones will WhatsApp stop working from October? The end of support affects, above all, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, since these two models can only receive iOS 11. If you have one of these devices and want to continue using WhatsApp, you will have to change the model.

What will happen when WhatsApp stops supporting iOS 10 and iOS 11?

The end of WhatsApp support by Meta (Facebook), the company that owns the messaging app, means that the service will no longer offer updates with new features or bug fixes. Also security patches or even technical support. Some of the main features will also stop working. You may still be able to access the platform to read previously received or sent messages, but you will not be able to chat with your contacts.
WhatsApp does not usually detail the reason for the end of support for older iPhone or Android mobile models, but it is probably due to the small number of users who continue to use these devices today. In fact, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c were announced in 2013, ten years ago. Although there are users who still use these smartphones, many of the people who bought this device will have already upgraded to a new model. Therefore, the end of support should not be a problem for many while allowing the company to focus on getting the most out of the latest ones.
In any case, and if you have an iPhone 5s or later, you can update to iOS 12 by going to Settings> General> Software update. Remember to have enough storage and at least 50% battery to be able to download and install the update.

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