Stream series & films for free: The highlights in April

Although the various streaming providers differ in their range, they all cost a not inconsiderable monthly subscription fee. But many can save the money, because numerous series and film highlights can be streamed completely free of charge. We present you the highlights in April.
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and many more. Streaming services are now a dime a dozen, but each individual provider costs a separate monthly subscription fee.
If you don't want to invest in countless services at the same time and rarely watch films and series anyway, you can fall back on a gigantic free offer in the media library of ARD and ZDF. The range is constantly growing with more exciting titles. We present the current highlights to you.

These series await you in the media library:

Der Überfall (ZDF – available until February 24, 2023) After a robbery of a corner shop, different people's paths in life collide and change forever.Beforeigners – Mörderische Zeiten Season 2 (available until April 4, 2022) In the six-part series from Norway time travelers suddenly appear in Oslo and disrupt modern society.Back to Life (ARD – available until 17 April 2022) BBC's six-part dramedy series follows Miri, who, after serving an 18-year sentence for a horrific crime, is thrown into the small town where she grew up.Normal-O-Land (ZDF – available until February 25, 2023) Neustadt is the name of the fictional town whose residents give a lovingly exaggerated insight into the strangest and most bizarre niches of Germany.Nationalstraße (ZDF – available until June 02, 2022) Vandam lives in a prefabricated housing estate on the outskirts of Prague. He spent his childhood here, this is where he feels at home. Especially in the "Severka" pub.Semi-detached house (ZDF – available until May 2nd, 2023) A semi-detached house in the countryside – that's where a Berlin family ends up in this comedy series. The residents of the other half are skeptical as to whether the newcomers can integrate properly. The Young Inspector Morse (ZDF – available until May 07, 2022) In the crime series of the same name, Endeavor Morse (Shaun Evans) returns for a job with the police to his hometown of Oxford. With his unconventional methods, he falls out of line.McDonald & Dodds (ZDF – available from March 27, 2022) Humorous British crime series about the eccentric but intelligent Sergeant Dodds, who solves tricky murder cases in Bath and frees his ambitious superior Lauren McDonald stops.Playlist of my Life (ARD – available until April 11, 2022) Which songs accompany us throughout our lives? Jeanette Biedermann and Gregor Meyle invite fellow artists to talk to them about those pieces of music and their very personal stories behind them. And of course making music.Muspilli (ARD – available until September 21, 2022) Muspilli tells the story of two outsiders: Fina is bipolar and recently divorced. She is determined to regain custody of her daughter by any means necessary. Ove is in his early 40s and a real conspiracy theorist. Fate unites Fina and Ove in the fight for custody and against the spread of dark energy. Straight Outta Crostwitz (ARD – available until September 23, 2022) The young Sorbian pop singer Hanka takes part in a rap battle incognito and thus solves one in her home village Clash between tradition and modernity. All in (ARD – available until April 18, 2022) Jamu, who comes from India, is in trouble: his residence permit has expired. He hopes for help from Uwe, a slot machine gambler from his local pub. He might be acting like a bloke, but his wife Erika kicked him out.

Stream current series & films for free

These films await you in the media library:

The enemy of my enemy (ZDF – available until February 25, 2023) Klaus Burg and his daughter Alina have been living in a witness protection program in southern Iceland for a year. But Burg's explosive knowledge continues to make him a target of the 'Ndrangheta. Honecker and the Pastor (ZDF – available until March 11, 2023) January 1990: After they were deposed and the Wall fell, Erich and Margot Honecker are practically homeless. Because the government settlement in Wandlitz was dissolved. #our water: to the last drop (ARD – available until March 16, 2023) Martin Sommer, mayor of Lauterbronn, has problems. The small town in the Tauber Valley is idyllic, but structurally weak and heavily dependent on agriculture. The more businesses are lost, the greater the concerns of the single father of a teenage daughter about the future of the town and the municipal finances. Deceptive Security (ZDF – available from April 4th, 2022) Detective Inspector Jonas Neimann has been the bodyguard of local politician Magnus Mittendorf for years and the entire family, but one day he finds himself in a dilemma. The Long Way of the Sinti and Roma (ARD – available until March 17, 2023) Jùlie Halilic is proud when she thinks of her grandfather. Together with other civil rights activists, Wallani Georg fought for the mass murder of the Sinti and Roma in 1982 to be recognized as genocide.

Free offer from the streaming service

Apple TV+ also makes a selection of its offerings available without a subscription

Image: Screenshot

Streaming services like Apple TV+ have become a little more open lately, making some content available for free and without a subscription.
Apple TV+: Apple is also currently making some episodes of its original series, such as Tehran, Tiny World, Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and Long Way Up of its streaming service Apple TV+ available free of charge to non-subscribers. The free offer can be called up with an Apple ID via the Apple TV+ apps.
Please note that we can only reflect the current status of such free campaigns and have no influence on the providers' decisions to end them earlier if necessary. That's why you should always check whether the offer is still valid when you download or stream.

Documentaries for free

There is also free streaming content for documentary fans

Image: Screenshot

If you dig deeper in the media libraries, you will find some exciting documentaries to stream for free:
Among Grizzlys: In the ZDF production, 25 nature filmmakers and bear experts pitch their tents in the middle of the North American grizzly territory to give the viewer a close-up insight into the life of the bears.Who owns the world?: The three-part documentary series by Terra-X can be streamed free of charge via the ZDF media library and shows the history of possessions and wealth. 3Sat media library: You can enjoy a large number of documentaries from the fields of culture, history, nature, travel and animals free of charge via the 3Sat media library.

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