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SaaS Management Scale-up Beamy Launches in The UK

The company seeks to democratise workplace digitalisation for enterprises

Beamy, the SaaS management platform for large enterprises, has expanded its presence into the UK. It is focused on helping large organisations to tackle the danger of shadow IT and provide a framework for governing the needs of business units to digitise by themselves.

Andréa Jacquemin, CEO of Beamy, the SaaS management scale-up which is launching in the UK.

According to KPMG, the cost of the SaaS ecosystem in enterprises is expected to increase ninefold by 2030. Hundreds of SaaS apps are being used by business teams, often bypassing the corporate governance players: this is known as underground digitalisation (or shadow IT). It is a form of digitalisation where business units take over IT procurement to be more efficient in their daily work. In large organisations, 30-40% of the IT budget is spent on software or apps the IT team doesn’t know about.

Uncontrolled underground digitalisation leads to considerable security risks by widening the surface of exposure to cyberattacks, for which large companies are a primary target. Each unknown SaaS tool can create a potential security breach, and lead the company to carry out non-compliant personal data processing, exposing them to significant fines and reputational risks.

However, stifling employees’ desire to integrate modern software tools into their work risks slowing down the digitalisation of the company and eroding employee engagement at the time of the Great Resignation. Now is the time for companies to explore how they can meet these priorities.

The gradual decentralisation of IT is a trend that all large organisations must face

This is where Beamy comes in Beamy helps CIOs of large enterprises to discover the reality of their underground digitalisation, by detecting all SaaS apps being used across the enterprise. Beamy then builds a framework for decentralised IT governance, creating an inclusive and systemic approach which works in harmony with business units’ workflows.

Beamy was founded in France in 2017 and is already working with some of the biggest companies in France including Engie, Orange, and Decathlon. It has also recently announced a global partnership with the enterprise architecture provider MEGA International.

Andréa Jacquemin, CEO and co-founder of Beamy, said: “The UK is well known for its early-adopter mindset, as well as being home to some of the largest companies in the world. This makes it the perfect market for Beamy to expand into.”

London Partners is the business growth and destination agency for London its mission is to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Laura Citron, CEO of London Partners said: “London is a launchpad for international companies looking to expand into the UK and other global markets. With access to world class tech talent, growth capital and new customers, London is also a great place to scale a technology business. We’re delighted to see Beamy expand into London and we look forward to welcoming more European businesses to be part of our city’s thriving tech ecosystem.”

Beamy’s presence in the UK will be headed up by Dominic Howard-Noel, its newly appointed head of UK sales. He will operate out of London, due to the capital city’s status as a tech innovation hub and its strong links with the European market.

About Beamy

Large corporations are currently experiencing very rapid growth in the number of SaaS applications they are hosting. In addition, the resulting underground digitalisation is real and largely unseen by IT departments, thereby generating security and GDPR risks.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Beamy provides a SaaS management platform that can be used to detect and control the entire SaaS environment of its clients to eliminate Shadow IT. In this way, Beamy can help the CIOs of large organisations regain control of this parallel IT and rebuild effective governance so that Business Units can expand their digitalisation through SaaS within the context of a defined framework. Beamy’s goal is to make IT Decentralisation one of the priorities of large enterprises across the world.

Beamy was founded by Andréa Jacquemin and Edouard Dossot. It now employs 50 people and has raised more than €2m since it was founded.

Find out more: https://www.beamy.io

About Andréa Jacquemin (he/him), CEO and co-founder

Andréa Jacquemin created his first business in 2014 at the age of only 21, leading his life as a maths student while also being a volunteer firefighter. As his career progressed, Andréa sensed a real paradigm shift coming: the explosion of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technology in companies to help them digitalize. In response to this, he created Beamy in 2017 to help companies handle the risks of ‘shadow IT’ and embrace ‘underground digitalisation’.

Long ahead of schedule, Beamy evolved a lot in the first years, in order to transform Andréa’s initial vision into an actionable product with high added value. Now, with 50 employees and growing quickly, the company is a founding member of the Institute for the Advancement of SaaS Governance and Optimization Best Practices, which brings together eight of the world’s leading players in the market.

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