Review: three Microsoft office gadgets compatible with Teams

Microsoft has released a number of devices that have Teams support, which could be an option for the home office.
The three Microsoft gadgets have some interesting features, although they all have a specific button for Teams.
This function will allow them to start the platform without looking for it, since it is a direct access to it, but will they be worth what they cost?

Compatibility with Microsoft Teams

Official Microsoft products have always focused on working correctly with the ecosystem of platforms offered by the company.
This is why your Modern Webcam, Modern USB Speaker and Modern USB Headset now have a dedicated button to open Teams.
In particular, this feature is only great for those using Microsoft Teams, and while the gadgets work well, they might come at a bit of a cost.

Microsoft Modern Webcam

Although we can find cheaper gadgets on the market, these from Microsoft meet and exceed the expectations we had of them.
Mainly, the webcam, which has a reduced size, which improves the image quality of what it records, even blocking its lens.
Its quality reaches 1080p, in addition to adding HDR in each call, which makes it an excellent option to be able to make calls without further complication.

A Microsoft speaker with a USB C port?

The Modern USB-C Speaker from Microsoft is an add-on that might seem unnecessary, since, being a small speaker, it doesn't have a lot of power.
But this one is designed only to function as a microphone and speaker for meetings calls that everyone can hear.
Although its quality is not bad, the main problem is its connectivity, since it can only be linked through a USB-C port.
Microsoft's speaker further limits how it connects to different devices, as not all of them have a dedicated Type-C port.

High-quality, comfortable headphones

Finally, to complement the trio of Microsoft gadgets, the Modern USB Headset is an ideal option for some jobs, especially customer service.
The Headset has a comfortable and simple design, that you don't really feel on your head, since, with its pads, you will feel it as part of you.
It has a folding microphone, which only goes up and down, but it will stay at the ideal distance to capture the voice in a better way, a good success from Microsoft.
The dual speakers it has offer detailed quality in calls, optimized to capture the best voice quality.

Physical controls on gadgets

Each device has a dedicated control, which will allow you to mute, raise or lower volume, end call and specific to teams.
Why do this? Microsoft thought of the practicality of the devices as something essential, so that with a single touch a call is ended.
In addition to the fact that physical controls will never go out of style and are a necessity within devices of this type.

Final verdict

Although each of these offers excellent quality within its field, they are only designed for the workplace, not for listening to music or other things.
In that sense, each device fulfills its function in the best way, adding great advantages for each one, ideal for executives and Godínez.
Its price can be seen as something high, since cheaper ones can be found on the market, but these have Microsoft certification.

Price and availability

For its part, each product will be available at different times, as Microsoft will bring other versions of these.
The Modern USB Headset and the Modern Webcam will be available from March 1, with an estimated price of $1,099 pesos and $1,407 respectively.
And finally, the Modern Speaker has a suggested price of $1,995 pesos, but it will come with another wireless version, but with the same functions.

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