Parent company Facebook starts metaverse academy in France

Jun 12 2022 in FINANCIAL


PARIS (Reuters) – Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, is to start a special metaverse academy in France together with a digital training organization. The training must be completed before the new academic year begins, according to the companies.


The metaverse is seen as one of the most important major technological developments, and refers to a digital world that aims to imitate real life through augmented or virtual reality. In doing so, the worldwide web is being brought from 2D to 3D.
The aim of the course in the first year is to train about a hundred students for free in two positions, specialist technology developers and support technicians, said Laurent Solly, Meta vice president for Southern Europe. The personalized teaching method revolves around projects focused on the 3D world and interactions in the virtual universes, said Frederic Bardeau, co-founder and CEO of Simplon, the French company that partners with Meta.
The metaverse academy, which is located in the capital Paris and other cities such as Lyon, Marseille and Nice, will train twenty students per city each year. Special attention will be paid to diversity. According to Solly, the aim is for 30% of the first batch to be women.
In October 2021, Meta said it planned to create some 10,000 jobs in Europe over five years to build the metaverse, the US tech giant's new strategic priority. According to Meta, in the future, skills that employers demand from employees will be closely linked to the metaverse.
According to Meta and Simplon, 80% of the jobs that will be there by 2030 have not yet been invented. According to them, this underlines the need to develop training programs now.

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