No more tedious typing: With this tool, you can copy text directly from videos and images

However, if you want to edit the texts and rewrite them, for example, you often have no choice but to type them out by hand. A new extension should now speed up and simplify this process.
This basic function of the English-language tool has so far been available as part of a free version for the web browsers Google Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. There are also paid versions with a desktop app for the Mac and Windows operating systems.

This is how the black box extension works

In order to be able to use the extension for free, you must first add it to your respective browser and then register and log in with a valid email address. You can find out how to add extensions to Google Chrome, for example, here.
To add: Blackbox extension for Google ChromeTo add: Blackbox extension for Mozilla Firefox

You can then use the tool as follows:

This copy feature of the extension is basically free. With the paid versions, you can also install a desktop app that allows you to view your past copy history.
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