John Deere launches new StarFire 7000 receiver and new RTK signal

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John Deere

The new John Deere Star Fire 7000 satellite receiver offers RTK reception without additional hardware. There is a fixed and a removable version. It will still be some time before tractors are factory-fitted with it.

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On Tuesday, 03/08/2022 – 07:37

John Deere introduces its new Star Fire 7000 satellite receiver and a new correction signal. Only certain machines will get it for now. We clarify which ones get the new receptions and what it can do better than its predecessor.
RTK without additional hardware new RTK correction signal shorter signal build-up time more satellites can be received and higher signal strength

RTK on board: John Deere StarFire 7000

The StarFire 7000 receiver apparently already has a cellular module installed, as it offers an RTK accuracy of +/- 2.5 cm without additional hardware. According to John Deere, the satellite network coverage in the new StarFire 7000 is even better.
John Deere launches new correction signal StarFire RTK


John Deere

With the new StarFire 7000 receiver and StarFire RTK correction signal, John Deere promises repeatability of at least 5 years.

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In general, simple steering systems with satellite receivers do not yet work with centimeter precision. To achieve this, they need an additional signal as a correction. The signal can be sent via radio, satellite or cellular. John Deere offers StarFire RTK as a new correction signal. A license is required to use StarFire RTK. According to John Deere, no additional hardware or activation is required. The advantage of the new correction signal StarFire RTK is a shorter signal build-up time. With StarFire RTK this is less than 10 minutes.

Repeatabilities: StarFire RTK

With the StarFire RTK correction signal, recorded track lines have a repeatability of at least 5 years. For example, tramlines can be created in subsequent crops at the same place. In addition, field boundaries can be used beyond the season to automatically switch sections on and off. This is intended to improve work in site-specific management.

StarFire 7000 offers free SF1 signal

Like its predecessor, the SF 6000, the new SF 7000 receiver from John Deere offers the free SF1 correction signal. The new StarFire 7000 receiver is upgradeable to both radio and cellular RTK. In addition, the StarFire 7000 not only works with the American GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite signals, but also with the European Galileo and Chinese BeiDou GNSS systems. This should increase the signal strength without additional costs and minimize the impact of disruptive factors such as shadows from trees.
New StarFire 7000 receiver is permanently installed or removable
The StarFire 7000 receiver is available in a universal, transportable and an integrated version. The integrated variant is built directly into the roof of the machine ex works. The Star Fire 7000 universal receiver is portable and can be moved from machine to machine with handles on the sides.
How is the Sat Fire 7000 satellite receiver protected against theft?
Theft of satellite receivers is very common. John Deere offers to set up a personal PIN code for the recipient. The PIN code can be set for two access levels, for example for the operations manager and for the driver. John Deere also offers a mechanically lockable solution. The receiver can be removed after work and stored until the next use.
When will the new Star Fire 7000 receiver be available?
The new John Deere StarFire 7000 is not yet available for all models. John Deere will only introduce the new receiver for the large X-Series combines with the 2023 model year. The universal version of the Star Fire 7000 receiver will not be available as a retrofit solution until winter 2022/23. John Deere did not say when the 6R, 7R, 8R and 9R series tractors will be delivered from the factory with the new Star Fire receiver. John Deere also made no statement about the price for the receiver and the license costs for the RTK signal.

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