ithikios is the SaaS solution that allows the implementation of a channel for reporting irregularities in companies




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As of 2022, public and private organizations must implement a channel for reporting irregularities in order to comply with the EU2019/1937 directive on the protection of whistleblowers/COMUNICAE/
As of 2022, public and private organizations must implement a channel for reporting irregularities in order to comply with the EU2019/1937 directive on whistleblower protection
Today, the European whistleblower protection directive should have been transposed in all the countries of the European Union. With the exception of Portugal, Sweden, Malta and Denmark, no other country, including Spain, has included the aforementioned directive within the stipulated period. Thus, during the course of 2022, the transposition must be carried out in all the countries that have done so.
The main objective of this new directive is to minimize crimes against Union law within organizations, thus facilitating the process for whistleblowers and preventing possible reprisals for reporting these crimes within the organization. In order to facilitate this communication, the directive obliges both public and private organizations with more than 49 employees to implement an anonymous, secure and confidential reporting channel.
As a result of this need and to provide an optimal response to companies, regardless of their size, ithikios has emerged. It is a solution that provides reporting channels for organizations, in the cloud. Among the characteristics that define it are simplicity, security and ease of use. In addition, it is designed for small and medium-sized organizations that aim to solve the need generated efficiently, without the need for large investments and with the simplicity offered by a SaaS solution. The organization's alert channel can be configured in hours.
The ithikios solution has been designed with the EU2019/1937 directive, but it is totally valid for criminal compliance, labor compliance, prevention of money laundering or internal regulations. In the same way, it allows the creation of an integrated channel for the different needs of the organization, with the nuances of each regulation and a centralized or distributed management as defined by the organization.
The reporting channel, ethics, alerts, whistleblowing should allow anyone to report any irregularity detected in a simple way, allowing this report to be anonymous. Within a reasonable period of three months, the organization must proceed to resolve the case. ithikios provides tools that facilitate and ensure compliance with the process deadlines, taking into account the different regulations, including data protection.
As stated in the directive, security is one of the elements in the implementation of the channel. For this reason, ithikios is certified in the ISO 27001 information security standard, making it a guarantee for customers who use the solution.
It has been proven in recent years that the implementation of reporting channels reduces the chances of committing crimes by the organization. Thus, in the future, employees will only work in organizations that have a reporting channel.
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