Is There A Way To Use Image Moderation API Free With An API

Are some of the benefits you may achieve after finding out about this API that is by far the most efficient one that you can use. 
The content moderation API will find any unsuitable content in just a second. You can detect any type of inappropriate language. But not only! This API can also filter any graphic violence, nudity or any type of offensive graphic. 
By using an API, you will be able to moderate any kind of platform you have without doing it manually. This way to filter your images will make your system safer and more comfortable for your users. 
There are so many APIs on the market but this one is the most efficient one available. Image Moderation API has a really high accuracy rate. This means that it will not incorrectly moderate any image that does not have any offensive content. It detects all types of nudity, gore or violent imagery and do it in seconds! 
The main goal of this platform is to help you keep your image platforms safe for everyone. If you are looking for a way to keep your platforms clean from offensive content, this is the perfect solution. It will detect and filter any improper word or imagery in just a second! 
What are the pricing plans available? How do they work? Image Moderation API has three different plans, each one more accurate and efficient than the last one! You can subscribe to any of them depending on how many requests you require each month. The pricing is extremely fair, especially taking into account how useful this moderation API is. Your billing cycle will start immediately after signing up and you can cancel it whenever you need to! You can acquire a no-charge plan or upgrade to another package as needed. The pricing details are as follows:  $25 gets you 1000 requests per month and the Basic package; $100 includes 5000 requests per month on the Pro plan; or if $500 covers 25000 requests monthly on the ProPlus plan. The prices are listed in dollars but the billing cycle will start in USD and then be converted into your local currency using the current exchange rate. As an additional note, if you require a different budgeting cycle, contact us and we’ll work something out! 

Why should you subscribe to this API? 

Image Moderation API is hands down the best tool to keep your platforms safe for everyone! This tool will filter any kind of content for you in less than a second. This instant moderation API filters gore and violent content but
Be able to detect any improper words in a given image. Be able to filter any unwished content on your platforms.

You can check Text Moderation in Images API for free here.

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