Im Test: Samsung QE65QN95BAT

The Korean noble smart TV with LCD/QLED technology in the test. […]
3599 euros is the official retail price for Samsung's brand new 4K Neo QLED model, the QE65QN95BAT. What's special: The low-reflection 65-inch monitor (screen diagonal: 164 cm, 3840 × 2160 pixels) is equipped with so-called mini-LEDs (Samsung calls them "Quantum Matrix" in the Neo QLED). And they should make the displayed image appear more natural. In detail, transitions are shown in more detail and the contrast is higher.
In practice, the current 2022 model also makes an excellent impression. We were particularly impressed by the colors, which appear particularly crisp in practical, rather "unoptimized" lighting conditions. The Neo-QLED technology shows its advantages especially in rooms that are not darkened. The image quality in the display of skin tones and faces also increased. They appear neither exaggerated nor pale – so the bottom line is that they are a tad more real.
However, the installation of the 65-inch giant is not that easy. For us, the complete installation, i.e. unpacking, setting up, screwing on the feet or wall bracket (optional) and putting it into operation, took almost 60 minutes. Above all, removing the massive, around 25 kg heavy bolide with an almost frameless, filigree design from the packaging should definitely be tackled by two people.
The region, language and connections are then queried one after the other and the channel search is started. The well-known One-Connect-Box has remained part of the model, albeit in the new, narrower "Slim" version. What hasn't changed is the versatility of the box: all the connections you need can be found here, such as those for satellite reception, for the network, as well as USB and HDMI ports. The Slim-One-Connect-Box, on the other hand, is connected to the TV with just one cable, the so-called Toslink cable. Finished.


In addition to channel selection and volume control via rotary wheel, there are u. a. Buttons for services such as "Netflix" and "Prime". An integrated 4.2.2 sound system (70 watts) is responsible for the good sound. The sound feature "Object Tracking Sound Plus" is specifically on board, which adjusts the sound output to the current image content.


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