High-end digitization: With high-end servers to more innovation and greater agility

What do the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Northwestern University and cloud hyperscalers have in common? – They all use Inspur Information servers entirely or mainly. According to Gartner, the Chinese company is the second largest server manufacturer in the world and has a particularly powerful IT portfolio. Many well-known companies rely on Inspur hardware and software for their agile or technologically demanding tasks. Below are three particularly interesting reference installations in which Inspur's service portfolio can be clearly seen.
The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in the United States is one of the world's leading medical research institutions. The university uses extensive AI solutions for its cutting-edge research to solve current challenges in healthcare. A separate deep learning project was set up for this, which also includes the data extraction and cleansing required for this. At the same time, the university operates a legacy system for day-to-day operations and administration.
In the field of AI, a new pilot has now been set up in which a new high-performance data pipeline has been built. This enables deep learning experiments to be fully integrated into the organization's existing corporate data systems.
Inspur supplied the NF5488M5-D AI server for this purpose. They have ten times the training speed and they are a hundred times faster in data preparation than previous systems. This allows extremely fast iterations and extremely fast prototyping when using new deep learning models.
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange IT system can accommodate 300 million accounts and 50,000 securities.
Exchange trading systems are among the most demanding IT systems. Two of the most important IT burdens coincide here: the greatest possible throughput and the shortest possible processing time. With the world's major exchanges facing intense competition, fractions of a second can yield a significant advantage.
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) is one of the big ones with over 2,000 listed companies. 300,000 orders per second and over 400 million orders per day are processed here. The average latency per order is approximately 1.1 milliseconds, enabling low-latency transactions in the high-volume retail market.
For the IT infrastructure, the SSE chose Inspur's NF5280M5 dual-socket server. These servers leverage various layers of well-known high-availability technologies, such as a comprehensive HDD RAID strategy, memory hot backup, mirroring, error correction, and redundant hot-swap power supply fan design with perfect hardware and software fault tolerance.
In addition to trading performance and data volume, disaster recovery is of the utmost importance for an exchange system. Inspur servers were also used here. In the event of a central failure, the SSE system is ready for use again in less than ten minutes; the automatic switching takes only ten seconds.
Inspur is one of the most innovative full-stack solution providers in the world. Thanks to R&D services at the highest level, the company is able to offer state-of-the-art hardware for important technology areas such as cloud data centers, AI and deep learning. Here the company has the broadest product portfolio in the global IT market.
In the third quarter of the current financial year, Inspur increased its turnover to 23.85 billion US dollars; deliveries reached 3.14 million units. Gartner certifies that Inspur has a global market share of 11.3 percent for servers. Inspur is also a leader in the cloud segment. The company was the top supplier for the major public cloud providers for nine consecutive quarters.
Inspur is constantly expanding its technological leadership and is actively involved in many international IT organizations, such as Open Computing. For Inspur customers, this all means that they can deal with many of the challenges in their business areas faster and more efficiently with Inspur.

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