Fintech Tomorrow settles accounts with Fynn Kliemann: “We are shocked”

After allegations of fraud

Fintech Tomorrow settles accounts with Fynn Kliemann: “We are shocked”
More and more business partners are running away from the influencer. Now the smartphone bank Tomorrow has also stopped the cooperation – with clear words.
Influencer and entrepreneur Fynn Kliemann promoted the Hamburg smartphone bank Tomorrow.
Business is becoming increasingly lonely around the influencer and entrepreneur Fynn Kliemann (34). After allegations of fraud due to dirty mask deals became known, the Hamburg smartphone bank Tomorrow has now ended its cooperation with him.
"Like many of our customers, fans and partners, we are shocked by the allegations against Global Tactics and Fynn Kliemann," said the fintech on Instagram on Wednesday evening. A “deliberate obfuscation of the supply chain, unequal treatment of people and deception of customers” is not compatible with the values of the company. Kliemann is accused of having sold respirators from Asia as "fair" and "European" brands. He is also said to have distributed an incorrect batch of masks to refugee camps.

Kliemann company produced hoodies for the fintech

In the past, the influencer had repeatedly advertised the fintech's product, a mobile current account with sustainable savings options. In return, according to Tomorrow, customers have received discounts when buying items from Kliemann's fashion shop Oderso. Fynn Kliemann was also paid for his advertising services. To what extent was left open. The textile company Global Tactics, in which Kliemann has a stake, also produced hoodies with Tomorrow slogans.

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The fintech, which publicly positions itself as a social-ecological bank, strikes a clear note in its statement. The events are also "bitter for society as a whole, since a general suspicion of 'feel-good capitalism' and 'greenwashing' is a shame for many projects and movements that have the potential to make a decisive contribution to solving "the major challenges of the current time". However, the greatest damage was caused to those directly affected.

Other partners end cooperation

Tomorrow Bank is one of a number of companies that have ended their advertising partnerships with Fynn Kliemann because of the allegations of fraud. These include the drinking water protection organization Viva con Agua, the online fashion retailer About You, the spirits manufacturer Berentzen and the DIY chain Toom. Fynn Kliemann himself said a few days ago on Instagram that he wanted to comment in detail on the allegations again soon.

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Fintech Tomorrow settles accounts with Fynn Kliemann: “We are shocked”
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