Finom: discreet, the neobank for pros attracts the French

If you are self-employed or if you practice in a liberal profession, it is now possible to open a current account in a fintech and to have many tools to simplify your daily life. Whether it's banking, expenses or accounting, neobanks are working hard.
One of them has been present for almost two years in France but continues to be discreet. It is called Finom, was launched in the Netherlands by a former employee of PayPal, and offers an offer for SMEs and entrepreneurs.
To establish itself in France, Finom has a European banking license. It is also with a French partner that it set up its infrastructure. Treezor, which belongs to Société Générale, approved by the ACPR and a privileged member of Mastercard. Other customers include Qonto, Lydia, Swile, Shine, CashBee and Pixpay.
From these foundations, Finom has the advantage of offering a French IBAN to its customers, Mastercard cards with lots of advantages, tools for categorizing expenses, accounting and cashback. Presentation.

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Finom, a neobank for pros with lots of advantages

Everything is controlled from the application at Finom. But the neobank for pros also offers a web interface, which offers better reading comfort when it comes to managing expenses and performing accounting tasks.
In this regard, there is no shortage of services. Accounting data can be exported in CSV format so that it can be used on other software and a tool allows the manager and his collaborators to digitize their expense reports, generate invoices, quotes or even reminders of unpaid bills.
Finom is also an account aggregator, which means that you can retrieve balance information from your other accounts with other banks to consolidate them into a single application. Each of the formulas of the neobank Finom modifies the number of employees. Below, here is the detail of each of Finom's offers according to its prices:
Solo: a single user / free and intended for self-entrepreneurs

Start: 2 users max / €14 per month

Premium: 5 users max / €29 per month

Corporate: unlimited number / €99 per month

Note that the rates correspond to the prices if you pay the whole year in one go. Finom leaves the customer free to pay monthly, but the bill is higher.

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Cards, payment, transfer and cashback

Finom wants to challenge online banks and competing neobanks and therefore seeks to distinguish itself also in the capacities of its cards. If you choose the free Solo account, for entrepreneurs, then you will have a physical card and a virtual card.
In addition, the neobank has an unlimited number of cards, reassuring and above all often very practical. Payments are free for everyone, including abroad. The payment limits per month are very high: from 20,000 to 60,000 euros.
SEPA transfers are also free up to a certain limit depending on the offers: 50, 100 and 200 for the Solo, Start and Premium offers. The limit includes both incoming and outgoing transfers. Beyond the ceiling, a transfer does not charge a fee of 20 cents, however.
Finally, until July 22, 2022, customers of paid offers will benefit from a very advantageous rate on cashback: from 2% for the Start offer to 3% for Premium and Corporate customers. It is also on this point that Finom intends to acquire new customers who are hesitant with the competition's offers.

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