Everything you can play on your Xiaomi TV without the need for a console

Without adding more devices, only with the Smart TV
One of them, and which has probably made a more than comfortable place for itself, are the Xiaomi televisions which, as is the case with the higher category ones such as LG or Samsung, for example, allow you to play a very interesting variety of games simply with our Smart TV.
Therefore, it is not about adding more devices, but about having a real Smart TV, in which the word Smart is true and precise, in which those games are already included that allow us to have a great time just by clicking on our command. This is possible thanks to the panels that we find within the operating system itself. It is where the best games on the market are included and thus give the television a new function, a fresh air.

What can we play on our TV

Google Stadia

One of those applications is Google Stadia, which allows you to do it without more than a compatible controller, the touch screen (if any) of the device or the Stadia controller itself. Thus, Google raised Stadia as a multi-platform gaming platform without a physical machine. Suitable for mobiles, tablets, computers, televisions and, as a native execution, ready to run on the Chromecast.
Little by little this multiplication of screens became a reality, it even reached the iPhone and iPad through the web. To access it, simply visit the app store of our Smart TV, such as the compatible Xiaomi TV, and search for Stadia in it to play. It will support the streaming of games directly to the TV in resolutions up to 4K with 60 fps and HDR10 as well as 5.1 channel surround sound. These are the Cyber Punk 2077, Red Redemption 2, Fair Cry, Destiny 2…

Xbox GamePass

Available in the stores of our Smart TVs, we have their access is done as with any other app. Once you download it, here you only have to click on the Cloud section, and choose the game you want to play. There, the games that tell you that they have the touch function will not require you to connect a controller to your mobile or tablet. Among the titles included are those of Skul: The Hero Slayer, Telling Lies, Crossfire X…


All the developments that we are seeing offer full compatibility with Google development, so, in general, there will be no problem when running them. And it is that the system that Xiaomi has is one of the most modern that we can find, which allows us to play on TV in a very comfortable way.

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