Drop everything immediately, because the new «Turtles» game is here!

In this "Turtles" game, the 90s are knocking on the door.zvg


"Turtles in Time" provided an incredible amount of fun in the arcade and in front of the tube TV. After many years of delay, there is finally a direct sequel to the timeless hit game.
Because with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge" Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo are finally getting a sequel from the developer Tribute Games that was long overdue.
Our favorite turtles are ready for a real street fight.zvg

Something to do with the Statue of Liberty

Shredder's Revenge follows in the footsteps of Turtles in Time. Not only in terms of content is the game classic linked, but also the look and the gameplay are a direct continuation.
The eternal antagonist Shredder wants revenge and heat up the Turtles properly. To do this, he enlists the support of Krang, the pink tentacle alien who lives in the stomach of a humanoid robot, and other companions from the Turtles cosmos.
Again in this chapter, the Man in the Iron Mask has his sights set on the Statue of Liberty, which he wants to modify to use against New York and the Ninja Turtles. Why and how? You do not know exactly. Yes, it quickly becomes apparent: the story doesn't really matter at all and fits on a beer mat.
Many well-known characters from the "Turtles" universe are celebrating a reunion.zvg

Now with rat and reporter

While in the predecessor there were only four ninja turtles to choose from, mentor Splinter and reporter as well as best friend April can now also be sent into the street fight. The mutant rat Splinter hands out his stick, while April, who is always in yellow overalls, hands out slaps with a microphone, among other things.
As usual, you fight from left to right until a boss fight begins and the way to the next level is clear. To loosen up, there is always a section where jet skateboards are distributed above the ground.
Finally you can go into battle with reporter legend April.zvg
Depending on which character is selected from the six available, there are small differences that are listed in a nice overview before the start. While one might be able to move a tad faster, the other is a bit stronger when dealing out.
Basically, it doesn't matter which character you choose. They can all attack, jump, dodge and briefly launch a special attack. But there is hardly any combo thunderstorm.

Lots of affectionate references

Anyone familiar with the Turtles universe will smile shortly after the first few minutes of play. «Shredder's Revenge» is stuffed full of loving homages and easter eggs.
The animations are adorable and funny at the same time. Above all, the famous foot clan can present itself from its best side and of course the individual members can be thrown off the screen like in the predecessor.
Just like back then, opponents can be thrown off the screen.zvg
By the way, it's worth destroying all sorts of objects in the levels to find pizzas for energy or collectibles. Each stage still has some secondary objectives that can be completed.
The levels are peppered with allusions and Eastereggs.zvg
Incidentally, levels can be played again and again in story mode. Once a level has been completed, the Turtles bus drives to the next destination on a lovingly animated New York map. There are also some side missions to discover on the map.
But if you don't feel like all the frills, you can go straight to Arcade mode, where there is no saving and no map is waiting. Here is the pure arcade challenge.

Short but…

The short playing time is not negative at all. "Shredder's Revenge" is the perfect little game for in between and is ideal for increasing the level of difficulty and daring to play with all the characters.
In the multiplayer mode, the fun of the game is multiplied a lot.zvg
And of course the fun of the game increases even further when the multiplayer mode (up to six players can play) is tackled. Then the 90s really knock on the door and don't want to leave.

Just like back then

Conclusion: It's really amazing how quickly the look and feel catapults back into the past here. Shredder's Revenge feels exactly like its predecessor and offers a more than worthy sequel to Turtles in Time.
Even if the game is played through quickly, you will always pull it out to just have a good time or to treat yourself to a good old-school fight with friends in front of the TV and to eat a pizza or two. cowabunga!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is available for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Suitable for ages 12.

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