"Dark" makers with a new mystery series: This is the visually stunning trailer for "1899"

Mystical, spooky and above all: exciting. The Netflix series "Dark" is one of the well-known and popular in-house productions of the streaming service. What's special: "Dark" was the first Netflix series to be produced and filmed entirely in Germany. The third and final season of the science fiction series came out in 2020. But that's not enough for the creators: it has been clear since 2021 that with "1899" they have a new dark series up their sleeves. Now there is a trailer.
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"Dark" producers release new series

On the Rotten Tomatoes website, which provides information, reviews of films and series, all three seasons of "Dark" are rated with an 8.8/10. The series can also call a Grimme award its own. Two years later, the duo behind it, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, have come up with a new mystery series called "1899", which seems to have a good chance of subsequent success.
The people on the ship come from different corners of Europe and the actors also come from different countries. The Spanish actor Miguel Bernardeau, who is already known for his role Guzmán in "Élite", will be there. Also starring in 1899 are Danish actor Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (The Rain), French actress Mathilde Ollivier (Operation: Overlord) and British actor Anton Lesser (The Crown).
There is already a new trailer for "1899", which wants to impress with visually stunning scenes. The first foretaste of the upcoming fiction series is no less fueling great expectations – even if the trailer does not reveal many details.

That's what 1899 is about

Nevertheless: The trailer takes you back to the year 1899, in which a group of Europeans make the long journey from London to New York. And that in a ship called Kerberos, which is under the command of the merciless captain Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann).

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But no sooner have they started their journey than they come across a long-lost ship. The discovery they make there is more than a shock: connections can be made between the individual passengers. The journey into a new life is becoming more and more of a nightmare.
Two other differences to "Dark" are, for example, that "1899" was shot with many effects – including the so-called volume technique. You build real sets in front of an LED wall, which form the virtual background. This ties the real set and background effect together while allowing actors to interact with them. It was also used, for example, in the Star Wars series "The Mandalorian". Another difference that is immediately noticeable in the trailer is that unlike "Dark", "1899" was shot in English instead of German. As a result, only German subtitles are initially displayed in the trailer for German viewers.

When is the new mystery series coming?

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