Best Is IP Geolocation API Free In JSON

This API is the tool you need to track the traffic of your website or application with the same precision as the popular online tracking systems. Entering the city, region, country, latitude, longitude, street address and ZIP/postal code is all it takes to get a JSON answer with the location. IP geolocation APIs have a lot of benefits, one of them is that they can be used with your own databases and don’t need you to cache your data while you are developing. 
In this post we will tell you about the best free solution in JSON of the market right now that can give you all the data you need to know about your users for a campaign or a business! You can get it for free in just a few clicks and start using it now! 

How Do These APIs Work?

An IP address is a number that identifies each device connected to a network on the Internet (including your smartphone or laptop). Whenever your device accesses a website (this may happen when you browse a website, log in to your email account, or send an email), your IP address is recorded by the host server. This server stores data that identifies your IP address during this exchange. If it weren’t for this process, you wouldn’t be able to connect to websites or send emails. 
When requesting an IP geolocation API query, you must provide your target IP address as well as city and state information. Then, the API will return detailed information on the location of the target based on its IP address. In order to determine this information, they work by querying public databases that have specific IP addresses linked to certain locations. And once they have all this information they are able to provide you with accurate results. 
There are many APIs available online but we know you are tired of wasting money and time with not reliable results that can be hard to obtain quickly. So we decided to make a list of the best for you and then talk about our number one choice in this post! 
Best Is IP Geolocation API Free In JSON: Get City From IP API
If you are looking for an easy way to get city information from an IP address without paying extra money or having to subscribe on premium plans; then the Get IP GeolIPOlaion API is for you! This API is really easy to use, fast and reliable! 
This simple-to-use tool allows you to determine the
With this API you will be able to check where your visitors are from by checking their IP. Also, you can query locations based on your stored IP’s and even by domain URLs.

You can check Know IP or Domain Location API for free here.

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