Amazon offers a set of 2 surveillance cameras on sale at 45 €

Amazon offers the Blink Mini, an affordable indoor surveillance camera. And today it becomes more interesting to opt for the set of two which goes to 44.99 euros against 69.98 euros usually.
After storing its Kindles or even its Fire TVs, Amazon is now offering discounts on these surveillance cameras, such as its Blink Mini range. With an affordable price, the latter are no less interesting. They are also capable of monitoring your interior in Full HD, even at night. Perfect for small budgets, and having peace of mind when you leave your home, Amazon offers a pack a pack of two Blink Mini cameras discounted at 35%.

The strengths of the Blink Mini

It is a compact, discreet and easy to install camera.

Detects movement and has a two-way microphone

And can be paired easily with a device of the brand
If the Blink Mini surveillance camera is on sale, Amazon offers an interesting pack of two Blink Mini cameras at 44.99 euros against 69.98 euros usually. That's over 35% off.

A camera as mini as the price

With its “Mini” name, Amazon keeps its promise and delivers a (very) compact camera. In all discretion, the Blink Mini comes in the form of a white plastic cube that will take up very little space (50 x 49 x 36 mm). Thought for the interior, it will be easy to change places with its weight of only 48 grams, and above all easy to camouflage whether it is behind the leaves of a plant or in a corner of the room without being noticed.
Its installation is done without difficulty, just plug it into an electrical outlet and place it on a piece of furniture thanks to its modular foot which will allow you to orient the camera lens according to your convenience. Once this step has been completed, all you have to do is pair it to Wifi using the Blink Home Monitor application.

Efficient to monitor your home remotely

This camera offers a Full HD definition for rendering clean images that can sometimes lack detail, but remain usable. Thanks to its infrared sensor, the camera will be able to record after dark, but we lose quality. However, motion detection at night remains just as effective as in the middle of the day. This product also has a two-way microphone, which will pick up ambient sounds without too much distortion and a low-power speaker, while restoring the sound correctly and sufficiently indoors.

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