FRESHSERVICE: a tool to manage IT tasks

For any company it is extremely important that its way of operating is efficient and that its assets are not mismanaged; but if you do not have the proper knowledge, this can be a difficult task.

To help in this work, there are tools such as Freshservice, which offer this kind of service, helping companies so that they can scale and their assets are not at risk.

What is Fresh Service?

Freshservice is a tool that allows you to automate IT tasks, as it provides quite effective tools for managing information technology services.

Without a doubt, this platform has positioned itself strongly in the market as a benchmark for companies seeking to provide quality service to their customers; regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large company.

Services offered by Freshservice

There are many services provided by this tool, and among them we highlight the following:

Multi-channel support

With this platform you can automate tasks and offer support for any type of problem that has been reported by email, phone, portal, chat or in person.


Freshservice allows you to keep records of contracts, assets, and any other information; always detailing the time of acquisition and expiration.

Automate internal processes

Those who choose to acquire the services of this tool will be able to automate the assignment of agents for requests and create their workflows; which allows us to comply with said requests in a timely manner.

Parameter measurement

This tool offers in-depth information and analysis that are sure to help you make better decisions, identify problems, and improve overall performance.

Service catalog

With this functionality it will be possible to offer services through a catalog, so that users can quickly make and receive requests.

change management

This platform allows you to quickly plan and undo changes. In addition, the important members of the team will be able to evaluate and approve the changes to be made; evaluating the possible risks that could exist before they are implemented.


Freshservice is a tool that offers its users the possibility of opting for service plans; which have totally different tools and costs.

But in addition to this, at the time of registration you have a free trial for 21 days, where you can have access to all the functions without any restriction; after that, that is, when the trial time is over, you can join any of the plans that are available.


This plan costs $19 per month and offers the following services:
Incident Management Knowledge Base Self Service Portal Automations Standardized Reports Marketplace Unlimited End Users

At a cost of $49, this plan offers, in addition to the same as the Blossom plan, the following:
Catalog of services Asset management Custom and scheduled reports Portal in several languages White list of domains Multiple SLAs and working hours Unlimited mailboxes 100 free assets

This plan offers everything from the Garden plus other additional tools, for only $79 per month. Additional services provided include the following:
Change, issue and release management Software license management Agent role customization Advanced security ─ Custom Email and SSL servers Business analytics Contract management Project management

At a cost of $99 per month, users who purchase it will be able to enjoy the following:
Everything included in the estate plan. IP White List 1 Hour SLA Support Audit Logs Customer Success Manager Data Center Location
Who uses Freshservice

Currently there are more than 20,000 users who fully trust Freshservice, and the truth is that it is not for less, since this platform provides incredible tools, which are undoubtedly worth taking advantage of.

Any company, be it small, medium or large, can make use of this platform, since it is designed to help manage their IT services; so regardless of the size and type of company you are, you can take advantage of the services that Freshservice provides.

It is even important to mention that many well-known companies and organizations around the world use this platform, and among them I can mention: Honda, TeamViewer, Unidays, Veeva, Addison Lee, the University of Oregon, Moneycorp, Copart, Aveda, among others.

Opinions about Freshservice

There are many opinions that Freshservice has received from users who have used it or who are currently using it; these being mostly positive.

Everyone has agreed that it is a fairly easy platform to use and configure; modern, intuitive and customizable.

But that is not the only positive thing about this tool, since something that users appreciate is that it has many tools and plans available; so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
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